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SCC Sonoma Board of Directors

  • John Anderson
  • Diana Brennan
  • Ken Brown
  • Victoria Campbell
  • Jennifer Imbimbo
  • Elece Hempel
  • Rebecca Hermosillo
  • Sylvia Lemus
  • Rebecca Shippert
  • Denise Silver
  • Jere Starks
  • Gary Tennyson
  • Matt Thomas
  • Vicki Vidak-Martinez
  • Jerry Wheeler
  • Kathy Witkowicki

SCC Sonoma 2020 Grant Recipients

Due to uncertainties around the Covid-19 pandemic and restrictions around live events, the Sonoma chapter of Speedway Children’s Charities (SCC) suspended its 2020 grant application cycle. The Sonoma Chapter of SCC has reopened the grant cycle for 2021. To learn more and apply, please visit https://www.speedwaycharities.org/grants/sonoma.