Speedway Children's Charities is dedicated to helping our next generation exceed expectations and ensuring every child has the same opportunities, no matter the obstacles they face. Our organization is dedicated to caring for children to help them lead productive lives. Through our various events and activities, we strive to raise funds and provide grants to nonprofit children's organizations in the New England Region. In 2023, SCC New Hampshire distributed over $131,000 to 40 local non-profits.


You are eligible to apply for funding from the New Hampshire Chapter of Speedway Children's Charities if you are an existing 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity whose primary focus is children in the New England area. Priority consideration will be given to organizations helping the homeless, orphan and foster population, and victims of sex trafficking. Below are the pillars we focus on during the grant process:

  • Victims of Human Trafficking
  • Homelessness
  • Critical Needs (Food, Clothing, Shelter)
  • Medical Needs
  • Educational Needs

All applications will receive consideration, and all eligible organizations are encouraged to apply.

SCC does not fund capital projects or funding for operation costs.

2024 Grant Cycle

January - August: Our 2024 SCC New Hampshire Grant Application period will open in the beginning of 2024 and close August 1 at midnight. Eligible organizations must complete an online application to be considered for a SCC New Hampshire grant. Organizations whose applications are accepted will be contacted and asked to submit additional information for the second-round review. Only organizations that complete both phases of the application process on time will be considered for funding. If you miss a deadline, we will be unable to accept your application.

August - September: The initial process for the 2024 grant cycle has ended. Applications selected for the second-round review will be notified by the End of August. Only organizations that complete both phases of the application process will be considered for funding. Once your organization is accepted into round 2, SCC will request specific detailed documentation on your organization. You will have one week to submit further documentation. An organization must submit its paperwork on time to progress in the grant process.

October - November: If your organization is selected to move forward into round 2 and all required documentation is submitted on time, an SCC Trustee will visit your nonprofit in person to conduct a site visit and thorough interview of your organization.

December: By the first full week of December, or sooner, each approved organization will be contacted with an invite to our Annual Grant Ceremony. Each approved organization is requested to attend the celebration.

If you have any questions regarding the 2024 grant cycle, please email SCC New Hampshire chapter director Danielle Cyr at [email protected].


While it is not mandated that every grant applicant volunteer for a Speedway Children's Charities event, it is highly encouraged. The Board of Trustees feels it is essential for our grant partners to support our mission by volunteering with SCC during the 2024 calendar year. Please reach out to SCC New Hampshire chapter director Danielle Cyr at [email protected] for volunteer opportunities.

We love supporting our community and look forward to reviewing the excellent work you all are doing in our community!