Ford Fan Day returns to Kentucky Speedway on Saturday, April 30, and Speedway Children's Charities will offer exciting fun for the kids and a piece of history for the adults.

Kentucky Speedway is undergoing a significant track renovation, and as part of "out with the old, in with the new," SCC will be taking donations for pieces of the old closed cell foam that used to be part of the SAFER barrier around Kentucky Speedway. Don't worry, race fans - brand new pieces are being installed for the safety of the drivers - but wouldn't it be cool to say you have a piece of the track's SAFER barrier at your house?

In addition, SCC will have a limited number of used Goodyear race tires that will be available for donations as well. Donation amounts will be posted soon.

Lastly, the SCC Activities Tent will feature mini basketball and putt-putt for a small donation to SCC. Prizes will be awarded to winners, and we will have one (1) grand prize that will be awarded to one lucky participant at the end of the day. CLICK HERE for further details as they become available.

All net revenue from this and all of our fundraising activities are awarded to non-profit children's organizations in Kentucky, Ohio and Indiana through our Grant Distribution Program. To learn more, use the tabs above for more information about our fundraising efforts, beneficiaries, grant process and more.