Speedway Children's Charities announced this week a $50,000 donation by Starkey Hearing Technologies to support local children in need.

"Speedway Children's Charities is honored to receive this generous donation," said Major General Chuck Swannack, executive director of Speedway Children's Charities. "In May of 2010, right here at Charlotte Motor Speedway, Starkey Hearing Foundation and Speedway Children's Charities combined efforts to fit over 70 children living in a silent world with hearing aids. We are excited to continue the partnership with Starkey Hearing Foundation to help even more children!"

Starkey Hearing Foundation travels the globe delivering the gift of hearing to thousands of people each year who would otherwise live in the isolation of a silent world. The Foundation provides more than 200,000 hearing aids annually to children and adults through global hearing missions and the the Hear Now program in America. "We believe to hear better is to live better. We are dedicated to delivering the best hearing experience through the innovation of our hearing solutions and the passion of our people," said Brady Forseth, Executive Director of the Starkey Hearing Foundation.

"We commend Starkey for their commitment to deliver 1 million free hearing aids in this decade," said Swannack. "We look forward to working together to impact the lives of children in the United States."

About Starkey Hearing Technologies
Starkey Hearing Technologies is one of the largest hearing aid manufacturers in the world, and the only American owned and operated. For the last 50 years, Starkey Hearing Technologies has helped millions of people hear better. Starkey Hearing Foundation uses hearing as a vehicle to change lives around the world. For more information, visit www.starkeyhearingfoundation.org.

About Speedway Children's Charities
Speedway Children's Charities remains true to the ideals it was founded upon in 1982: To care for children in educational, financial, social and medical need in order to help them lead productive lives. SCC provides funding for hundreds of non-profit organizations throughout the nation that meet the direct needs of children. Our vision is that every child has the same opportunities no matter what obstacle they are facing. For more information, visit www.speedwaycharities.org.