NASCAR's off-season is a great time to check out the schedule for the upcoming season and make sure you've marked your calendars accordingly. If you haven't noticed, the NASCAR race weekends are a little different for the 2015 season at Kentucky Speedway. Therefore, some of our fundraising activities will slightly adjust to accommodate these changes. NASCAR will visit the race track July 9-11 and return with ARCA September 25-26.

Returning to our fundraising lineup will be our activities at Ford Fan Day in April, dinner in June, clay shoot and Ride of a Lifetime Live Auction in July and Laps for Charity in September. In addition, we are making plans for some new, exciting events that will supplement our current schedule.

Our chapter's fundraising events will be posted on our site later this month, so please check back for additional information. Also, make sure you "Like" us on Facebook and "Follow" us on Twitter.