This year has been a challenge for many but it’s been especially tough for the children at Piedmont Residential Development Center (PRDC) in North Carolina. Many of the children in the home are in the high risk category with compromised immune systems and haven’t been able to visit with their families or do much of anything outside of the residence. This past October, Charlotte Motor Speedway partnered with Mars Wrigley for the first-ever drive-thru Track ‘n Treat event and due to the COVID-friendly nature of the event, PRDC was able to load up their van and bring the children out to enjoy the day. Below is the letter of gratitude sent from Sandy Cox, Program Director at PRDC, which found its way into the hands of NASCAR Cup Series driver Kyle Busch and led to a special moment with one of the their residents.

“I just wanted to thank you guys for the tickets for track and treat.  Our special needs kids (who have compromised immune systems) have not been able to get out since March when this virus hit. Their families have not been able to come and take them out and their visits (until just the past month and half) have either been face time, phone calls, or hello through their windows. We have now been able to let the families come and visit on the outside but once again no hugging, kissing, etc. because they must stay 6 feet apart.  This has been extremely hard for the all parties involved especially when you are used to getting out every month and it stopped abruptly without any warning. We have been very fortunate in keeping them safe from this virus since it has started but it has been extremely hard for both the resident and the family. 

This outing was so what they needed since they have been cooped up for so long (March to be exact). It was possible because of you guys and that they were safe being in the van. Our Ethan (who you will see in the glasses and mustache) has been so wanting to me Kyle Busch in person (he is his most loyal and dedicated fan) and one day would like for him to autograph one of his tires that came off of his car and I think a bumper.  His grandfather purchased these items that came from Kyle's equipment and it is displayed in his room at his grandparents house. You can see how you were able to put smiles on these guys faces and keeping them safe at the same time. We cannot thank you enough."