In case you missed it, Speedway Children's Charities gave out $815,000 to 93 local nonprofits in 2016. You already know that your support towards SCC has a huge impact in helping these organizations meet the direct needs of children in Charlotte.

But, did you know…

When you donate to SCC, you help foster children experience the same activities as other kids. Least of These Carolinas uses our grant to help children in foster care participate in extra-curricular activities such as sporting activities, music and dance lessons, and summer camps.

When you volunteer with SCC, you are helping us raise money so that mothers in crisis situations can bring their newborns home with all the necessities thanks to Baby Bundles. Baby Bundles is an organization that uses their SCC grant funding to provide a bag full of baby outfits, blankets and other newborn necessities to new moms.

When you participate in SCC events, you make it possible for a sick child to have their ultimate sports wish fulfilled because of our grant to Dream On 3. Meeting NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and being flown to Los Angeles for a LA Kings hockey game are only two of the many wishes fulfilled by Dream On 3.

When you choose to support Speedway Children's Charites, you are choosing to support hundreds of kids in the Charlotte area. Below are some organizations that were supported by SCC in 2016. Take a moment to read their story and how you are helping them make an impact in the Charlotte community.

Least of These Carolinas
Two foster moms started Least of These Carolinas with the intent to take care of foster children. They quickly discovered that there was a lot more to do. The goal of Least of These Carolinas is to begin restoring hope to kids in the foster care system. There are many programs that Least of These Carolinas implemented to help achieve their goal, one being the Just Like You program, which is where the grant from SCC is being used. The Just Like You program helps foster children enjoy the same activities as children not in the foster care system. Resources such as computers, field trip fees, camp fees, clothing and shoes to are provided to help foster children participate in extra-curricular activities that interest them. Being involved in extra-curricular activities helps a child stay in school and find something that they are passionate about. Children in foster care are more likely to drop out of high school, but with the help of Least of These Carolinas, foster children in Charlotte can have the chance to participate in extra-curricular activities.

Foundation for Girls
"We want to empower the disadvantaged girls"

Foundation for Girls was founded in 2012 by two sisters; Sherya and Sahana Mantha. Their non-profit organization works with disadvantaged girls who are survivors of human trafficking, foster care inequalities, drug abuse, and homelessness. Foundation for Girls vision is to give these girls an opportunity to thrive as individuals in their communities. This vision came about when they decided that they wanted to give girls what their parents had given them. Foundation for Girls works to nourish and nurture by delivering weekly bread to survivor homes and crisis centers. They provide underprivileged girls' access to mentors and tutors. Additionally they offer workshops that focus on financial literacy, financial independence and self-reliance. They also work to build up girl's self-esteem and work on their skill building in ways that are both therapeutic and healing. The funding that was granted from Speedway Children's Charities was used to purchase the necessary computers for the launch and running of the Youth Technology Lab. This new technology lab delivers professional training for the youth and enabling career opportunities.

Safe Alliance
Safe Alliance is a non-profit United Way member agency with over 100 years of service to individuals. Safe Alliance mission is to provide hope and healing for people in crisis. They provide crisis intervention, advocacy, and counseling service to victims and survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. Their goal is to help survivors access the resources, knowledge and skills they need to regain their physical and emotional safety and build violence free lives for themselves and their children. Each year Safe Alliance's Clyde and Ethel Dickerson violence shelter is home to approximately 450 women and 450 children in that are in imminent danger. They provide these survivors with different recourses to help them thrive again as individuals. Speedway Children's Charities funded Safe Alliance to support for the Domestic Violence Shelter's Children's Program, which offers food, shelter, counseling, and enrichment activities to child witnesses of domestic violence.