In a year that has seen significant decreases in charitable giving, Laurel Marina & Yacht Club has managed to successfully raise the local tides of philanthropy through the success of its 2014 Poker Run and Auction benefiting Speedway Children's Charities, raising over $100,000 during the past decade the event has been held.

Proceeds from this year's Poker Run, held on July 12, were $18,612.23, which represented the largest contribution in the event's ten-year history.

According to Laurel Marina owner, Dale Thomas, Laurel's customers and Poker Run participants eagerly support this much-anticipated annual event.

"We are extremely proud of the contributions we have been able to make and breaking the $100,000 mark does all our hearts good," said Thomas.

According to Thomas, Laurel customers and friends have used this event to raise thousands of dollars for, and awareness of, Speedway Children's Charities, and the work they do to aid children in the region who are disadvantaged, either through fate, or circumstance.

"Laurel Marina has been able to harness a local passion for boating, and transform it into a driving force behind making a difference in the lives of regional children," said Thomas.

"Through our efforts, the annual Poker Run has created a major, long lasting, positive impact that will have benefit to the community and the region by way of supplemental funding for the educational and emotional basic needs for our children." he added.

"Laurel Marina & Yacht Club, along with it's customer base, has forged a much-valued community partnership with Speedway Children's Charities over the past decade," said Claudia Byrd, Executive Director of Speedway Children's Charities.

"Not content to simply make a donation, they have engaged their boating community, and made them excited to play a part in helping the children of the region," she added. "The way they continually strive to see the donations increase each year certainly goes a long way towards exceeding our expectations, which is the driving philosophy behind all the work we do," she added.

"We are grateful, not only their generous donation, but also for their commitment and enthusiasm," said Byrd.

Speedway Children's Charities provides funding for hundreds of non-profit organizations throughout the nation that meet the direct needs of children. With priorities set locally, proceeds from the South Holston Lake Poker Run event will directly enrich the lives of children in Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia.