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Sonoma Raceway Bottles of Berm


Sonoma Raceway’s striped berms have been a colorful trademark of the Northern California road course’s 12 signature turns since the track’s inception in 1968. As the track is in daily use, the berms receive regular maintenance and often require replacement. Pieces are salvaged whenever possible, preserving the history of famous drivers, teams and sporting series that have tackled their surface.

Now you can own a piece of the raceway! Each bottle contains real pieces of Sonoma Raceway berm that has been filtered to fit into a sealed plastic bottle with a commemorative “12-Turn Berm Blend” label. Inside, you’ll find pieces of blue and gold fragments, and you may even come across some of the original red and white colors from the original painting in 1968. 

Quantities of these unique items are limited. The purchase of each 12-Turn Berm Blend supports Sonoma County children and families in need through Speedway Children’s Charities.