Statement from John T. Carney, Jr. President, Special Operations Warrior Foundation:

"It is heart-warming to know the people from Speedway Children's Charities are always there to make sure the children of fallen heroes are remembered. Your generosity has helped the Special Operations Warrior Foundation make some dreams come true for some very deserving students who are attending college today. There is nothing more tragic in the life of a young child than the loss of a parent. Your gift of a college education to these deserving young Americans serves as a reminder that the loss of their parent is not forgotten. "

Statements from Students:

"Bless you for giving me a once in a lifetime opportunity. Thank you for remembering my father and his children. Your organization and this gift you have given me makes me feel like my father, who died 22 years ago, is reaching down from heaven and giving me a hug. Thank you." -- Meagan Powell, daughter of Col. William Powell, U.S. Army Range who died in a training accident in 1982.

"College has helped me to become an independent person. The help and assistance from the Foundation while I was in school was unbelievable." -- Courtney Robinson, daughter of LTC Craig T. Robinson, Army Special Operations, who died in 1994. She is currently a reporter at WSET-TV in Raleigh.

"College has helped me to develop a sense of self worth. It has helped me to prepare to meet a challenging job market. The stress of financial obligation has been removed. I am free to study and succeed without the worries of financial burden because of the Warrior Foundation." -- Tommy Campbell, son of Army Staff Sgt. Kenneth W. Campbell, 5th Special Forces Group, who died in 1989.

"I cannot thank the Warrior Foundation enough. They gave me an opportunity that I know my father would have wanted me to have. They simply are the best." -- Stephanie Matos, the daughter of Sergeant Major Santos A. Matos, Jr. who was killed in a parachute accident in 1991.